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Database Interface direct connect now uses API for added security

by Lucinda Rowlands September 30, 2014

API for added security In response to today’s reality where security breaches are one of every IT departments top concerns, Zip2Tax is addressing that concern by updating the sample codes for the Database Interface direct connect methods to take advantage of API for added security. The API provides your account
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Zip2Tax app for Android available for beta testing

by Lucinda Rowlands June 03, 2014

Zip2Tax app Zip2Tax app Zip2Tax is proud to announce that we now have an app for Android devices. It is now available for beta testing for customers interested in getting sales and use tax rates while on the go. To opt-in to be a beta tester, you must A) have a device
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“Close” can cost you the game, make sure you figure exact sales tax rates every time!

by Chuck May 01, 2014

With Zip2Tax you can easily plug in a full street address to determine the exact sales or use tax rate right to the door step. Input a dollar amount and calculate the sales or use tax due on the transaction. Lightning fast, worry-free accuracy.
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Spot-On “How To” video added to YouTube

by Lucinda Rowlands August 08, 2013

Spot-On “How To” video added to YouTube Spot-On “How To” video added to YouTube Check out Zip2Tax’s new video describing how to use Spot-On for instant online lookups of sales and use tax rates for every jurisdiction in the United States. Zip2Tax’s Online Lookup service is an easy and affordable way
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Zip2Tax announces two powerful new server farms improved

by Lucinda Rowlands July 31, 2013

Zip2Tax now can boast about our teams of servers – one set on the east coast in Philadelphia, Pa. and one set on the west coast in Casper, Wyoming for improved query speed and reliability.
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Powerful new Database Interface API features ZIP+4

by Lucinda Rowlands May 28, 2013

ZIP+4 and Spot-On Zip2Tax’s new API (Application Programming Interface) has passed initial beta testing and is now being made available to all Database Interface users The API sends user’s queries to a series of powerful new load-balanced servers for optimum response time and superior reliability. The API provides for either
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