Minnesota spray tan tax free!

by Lucinda Rowlands January 11, 2013

spray tan tax free

Minnesota spray tan tax free!

 spray tan tax free, no more pastie white!Good news everyone!

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has confirmed that spray tanning is NOT taxable. Yes, you heard me right, spray tan tax free! So don’t hesitate to run right out there and turn your pastie white complexion a bright, healthy looking orange!

One less thing to worry about as you dig your patio set out of the 3 foot snowdrift.

Oh, yes, and they also clarified the taxability status of several dozen other goods and services in a series of updated fact sheets. Learn more at the Minnesota Revenue web site.

The dept. of revenue also wants to remind everyone that the 2012 annual sales and use tax return deadline is Feb. 5, 2013. All returns need to be filed electronically using the e-Services system or by phone at 800-570-3329.

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Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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