Minnesota governor wants to use budget surplus

by Lucinda Rowlands December 23, 2013

The Minnesota government’s budget numbers have added up to more than a billion dollar surplus for the year. While $246 million dollars needs to be used to pay off IOUs to state schools, the government will still have roughly $800 million dollars left over. Government representatives are now negotiating how to spend this extra money. Governor Mark Dayton announced that he would like that money to be used for sales and income tax cuts.

Dayton would first like to use the money to stop new tax increases on telecommunications, farm equipment repairs, and warehousing services that are currently set to begin on April 1st 2014. He would also like some of that money to go towards middle class tax cuts but recommends holding off on any new government spending until the new 2014 budget forecast comes out in February.

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Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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