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#1 Online LookupOnline Lookup

Log in to this web site or download our desktop widget for up to five users to access our Sales and Use Tax Calculator. Just input an address or ZIP code and find out the rate in just one click. Input the retail price and we'll calculate the tax for you. This simple interface works with mobile devices too!

Online Lookup
ZIP Code resolution
Zip Code resolution The most economical service for companies wanting to improve efficiency while maintaining affordability. City and town names with sales tax detail are provided for every locality within a ZIP code, giving the operator the ability to choose the jurisdiction they want.
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ZIP+4 resolution
Zip+4 resolution A very high level of jurisdictional certainty at an affordable price. Sometimes referred to as the 9-digit ZIP code, the first 5 digits determine a delivery area, such as a town and state, and the additional 4 digits target the location to within one side of a street within a range of addresses, such as 100 to 120 East Main St.
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Spot-On™ resolution
Spot-On™ resolution The most accurate sales tax jurisdiction granularity for companies needing precision data. Spot-On™ validates U.S. postal address and converts street address into latitude and longitude coordinates (also known as geocoding) to provide the highest level of resolution available.
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Database Interface Database Interface

Automate your eCommerce applications with realtime sales tax data. Powerful Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases offer several custom interfaces so that your IT professional can program your applications to access our data at lightning speeds. Our servers boast a 99.9% uptime and our network is designed for optimum response time and redundancy, regardless of your global location.
Visit Information for developers to test compatibility with our sample code or call (866) 492-8494 for a free trial account.
Do you plan to resell Zip2Tax's data by incorporating it into your own application? Find out more about the Value Added Reseller license.

Database Interface
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Sales Tab Tables w/Monthly Update Option Sales & Use Tax Tables

From 3rd-party shopping carts to large enterprise solutions, our .CSV-format Sales and Use Tax Tables offer a wide range of options to meet your needs. You can buy a single table for a single state or get the whole country and you can opt for the monthly update subscription to keep up with the latest rate and ZIP code changes.
Do you plan to resell Zip2Tax's data by incorporating it into your own application? Find out more about the Value Added Reseller license.

Learn more about the .CSV table formats

Due to the nature of data products, we are unable to issue refunds for tax tables. Please review the table formats to be sure it's the product you want before purchasing.

.CSV tax tables
Single State - 1 Month See options
Single State Update Subscription - 12 Months See options
United States - 1 Month See options
United States Update Subscription - 12 Months See options
Canada - 1 Month See options
Canada Update Subscription - 12 Months See options
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Desktop Tax Rates

Tax Rates are now accessable through a desktop application
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