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Subscription Questions and Answers

Zip2Tax is an affordable alternative to the mega-sized tax rate providers that often charge thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

How can Zip2Tax afford to charge so much less? The short answer is: we are a lean company.

Zip2Tax relies on a small core of key personnel and we don't keep staff sitting around waiting to up-sell you.

The big tax companies use commission-driven sales and marketing staff who's sole purpose is to hover by the phones and harangue prospective customers. They don't tell you what their fees are until after they have all of your personal information and they have you on the phone. We publish our full rates right on our web page and let you decide for yourself if our services are right for your company.

We provide samples of our data and set-up information right on our web site. Most of our customers are do-it-yourselfers who are able to integrate our data for themselves. Meanwhile, our competition employs dozens of programers who are poised to sweep into your shop and commandeer your databases. They have lots of smiling young MBAs who are eager to hold your staff hostage in long training seminars.

Zip2Tax doesn't offer tax filing services or guarantees of audit protection. We've found that the majority of our clients prefer to use their own accountants, or are interested in a referral to one of our affiliates who offer special deals to Zip2Tax customers. This makes it possible for us to forego the stable of CPAs, tax law specialists and lawyers the competition must maintain.

Based on the trim size of our company and our commitment to stay focused on what we do best - providing accurate sales and use tax data affordably to autonomous businesses - the difference between us and our competition is clear.

I invite you download our printable price list and compare for yourself.


Sales tax providers that offer their services for free are usually associated with the Streamline Sales Tax Agreement. There are currently six companies certified with SSTA and they are paid directly by the states for their services. The states are happy to pay for these services because when a merchant signs up for these "free tax rate services," their company is automatically registered with each and every state taking part in the agreement and they will end up having to pay sales taxes to every state. These free service providers tell you how much to collect in sale tax, but then they take full control over the reporting and remittance to the states - even going so far as to automatically withdraw the funds from your bank account.

These free services can be a godsend for small companies who can't handle their existing remittance burden, but the level of control that they are handing over to these providers is enormous.

Just keep in mind that any service provider is naturally going to work in the interest of the person who holds the purse strings - the states.

The fastest way to subscribe is to place your order with our online shopping cart. 

Or, call us at 1-866-492-8494 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

#1: Online Lookup: The standard subscription allows for 1,000 look-ups monthly. Please call, e-mail, or Chat for other pricing levels.

#2: Database Interface: Allows for 1,000 queries per month. If queries exceed that level, a customer service representative will call you and help you decide if an upgrade in service level will be necessary.

Please call, e-mail, or Chat for other pricing levels.

#3: Sales and Use Tax Tables: Unlimited usage and users within a single company. The tables may be implemented into multiple systems.

Zip2Tax subscriptions quoted here are for Single End User Licensing. Please read the End User License Agreement for more information.

We also provide Value-Added Reseller licensing for companies that want to incorporate our solutions into the software they resell to clients. Please read the VAR  License Agreement for more information.

Contact us for VAR pricing.