by Teresa Farnsworth December 30, 2021

Happy New Year!  

We have quite a few rate changes to report effective January 1, 2022. But before I get into that, I have to post an important disclaimer here.

Please do not use this blog as a tool to change the rates in your systems!  This is just a marketing tool designed to give you a quick snapshot of how many rates have changes and in what locations.

It may not be complete! It may not be accurate!  It may not be posted by the 1st of each month!  It is just a marketing tool.

You MUST use the formal data that you subscribe to for the full accurate rates and information.


  • Cherokee Ridge has levied a new Sales and Use tax rate of 5.00%


  • County of La Paz was reduced to 6.6%
  • Town of Maran rate increased by .5%


  • City of Cotter in Baxter county increased to 2.0%
  • City of Pea Ridge in Benton county increased to  2.0%
  • City of Concord in Cleburne county started a new 1.0%
  • City of Little Rock in Pulaski county decreased to 1.125%
  • City of Johnson in Washington county increased to 3.0%
  • City of Beebe in White county increased to 1.25%
  • County of Sebastian decreased to 1.0%


  • Here is a .pdf fileof the changes in Colorado


  • Glades 1% Total Surtax Rate • New 1% small county surtax begins 1/1/2022 and expires 12/31/2031. • 1% local government infrastructure surtax expired 12/31/2021.
  • Santa Rosa 1% Total Surtax Rate • Current .5% local government infrastructure surtax is extended and expires 12/31/2026. • Current .5% school capital outlay surtax remains in effect and expires 12/31/2028.


  • Bibb county is 8%


  • Here is a .pdf file of the changes in Illinois.


  • Here is a .pdf fileof the changes in Kansas.


  • Rouseau County added .5% transit sales and use tax


  • City of Richardson increased to 2.5%


  • Paulding County increased sales and use rate to 7.25%


  • City of Fort Towson Use tax rate now 3.5%
  • City of Cleo Springs Use tax rate now 3.0%
  • City of Edmond Sales & Use tax rate now 4.0%
  • City of Prue Use tax rate now 3.0%
  • County of Lattimer Sales & Use tax 1.5%


  • Beaufort County decreased to 6.0%


  • Town of Lane new tax of 2.0%
  • Town of Henry increase to 2.0%


  • Here is a linkto the Texas changes


  • City of Nutter Fort rate is 1.0%
  • City of Tunnelton rate is 1.0%


  • Here is a linkto the list of changes in Washington
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Teresa Farnsworth
Teresa Farnsworth

Teresa Farnsworth is the VP / Account Manager at Zip2Tax. She works closely with her clients to make sure they have just what they need to collect the right amount of sales or use tax in the U.S. and Canada. Questions? Chat with Teresa on the Web site, the Subscriber User Portal, or call her direct line; 866-492-8494.

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