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Remote Sellers – Did you enjoy your summer?

by Teresa Farnsworth August 22, 2019

While you may have been enjoying the dog days of summer, you may not have noticed that some states implemented new Remote Seller rules.   Effective July 1st, rules were established for: Arkansas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Connecticut.
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Are College Meal Plans Taxable or Not?

by Skip Oliva June 19, 2019

Many colleges and universities require students living on-campus to purchase a meal plan. The school typically contracts with an outside company to provide the meals, which students then pay for using their meal plan. But are such transactions subject to sales tax? The Colorado Supreme Court recently addressed this question.
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Canada loses approximately $169 million annually in sales tax revenue

by Skip Oliva May 29, 2019

Report: Canadian Government Fails to Collect $169 Million in Sales Taxes Annually on Digital Goods & Services Canada loses approximately $169 million annually in sales tax revenue, according to a recent report from the nation’s interim auditor general. These losses are the result of Canadians failing to pay taxes on
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Maine Legislators Consider “LOST”

by Skip Oliva May 17, 2019

Maine Legislators Consider Authorizing Local-Option Sales Taxes Although most U.S. states permit their local governments to collect certain types of sales taxes (in addition to the statewide tax), about a dozen state still do not. One such state is Maine, which currently assesses a statewide sales tax of 5.5 percent only.
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Georgia House Goes a Step Further to Collect Sales Taxes

by Skip Oliva March 27, 2019

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 2018 decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., a number of states have quickly moved to require out-of-state Internet-based sellers to collect and remit sales taxes on in-state purchases.
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Do Employer Sponsored Cafeterias Have to Collect Sales Tax?

by Skip Oliva February 21, 2019

Missouri Supreme Court Says Operator of Federal Reserve Cafeteria Must Collect Sales Tax Most states apply some form of sales tax to the purchases of meals and drinks. But what if a business or public employer maintains an employee cafeteria? Does the cafeteria operator need to charge sales tax on
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