As I am just starting my business, I was worried about the cost. I looked into doing the work myself but very quickly realized that Zip2Tax was doing a great deal more than I could ever do on my own. I figured that for the cost of the service, it was roughly 5 of my billing hours per month. There was no way I could do the same thing in a cost effective manner.

By subscribing to download their full database of tax data, I freed up a lot of time to develop better ways to use the data. I also can tell my customers with confidence that I have every state in the country covered, and am keeping up with tax changes and ZIP Code changes. That is a huge benefit, and the database has filing information as well which saves a lot of time having to look up codes when paying the taxes.

Three biggest benefits of subscribing to Zip2Tax: ease of downloads, being alerted when the data is ready, and the simple format the information is in. All of these have made it very easy to offer a huge benefit to my website subscribers while not having to spend lots of time managing it.

 . . . users can feel confident that they are being compliant with the law . . . 
I most like having the monthly updates and knowing that the ZIP Codes and tax rates have been updated to the latest set of rules. Having that data available at will means I can provide information right away. My users can feel confident that they are being compliant with the law and worry about their business instead of how to stay legal.

I would definitely recommend Zip2Tax. Trying to be compliant with the laws is tough enough already. Having access to this much data and eliminating all that time and effort will more than pay for the subscription. Businesses need to concentrate on what they are good at. Paying taxes shouldn't be a strength, it should be a task and the data from Zip2Tax makes it a simple.

I am happy with the service and know it will help me and my subscribers greatly. Being able to offload the work of keeping current has saved me a lot of time and that is of great benefit as I'm starting up my business. I need to focus on what I can deliver to my subscribers and adding sales tax information sets me apart to my customers.

- Robert | R&L Software | West Chester, OH | Tax Table subscriber since May 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this marvelous service! During my recent project, I relied heavily on the information that you so carefully collected ...

- Susan | Chicago, IL | Online Lookup subscriber since April 2011

Cost was a real issue for our company, but this subscription has a great price point! We are impressed with the uptime and the implementation ease. After we bought a subscription to Zip2Tax, we received great service. The service is virtually worry free.

- Zach | Fleapay.com | Chicago, IL | Database Interface subscriber since October 2010

We are a small online retailer and we only need sales tax for one state. It doesn't make sense for us to spend a lot on sales and use tax services. We use Volusion as our store vendor and they don't have support for all the county and city tax, so we needed to do that manually. Without your service, this would be very difficult. The way your tables break out all the specific taxes is the feature I find the most useful. And, your support has been superb!

- Doug | Focused Sales, Inc. | Tax Table subscriber since October 2011

Awesome.  Thanks so much!  Lots better.  Good to know that our requests are heard and acknowledged.  Thanks for making the program easy to use. We love it!!!

- Keli | Live Oak, FL | Online Lookup subscriber since April 2009

Thank you very much for the detailed info! Everyone has issues, how honestly they deal with them is the difference between the rookies and world class organizations. Your willingness to share this info gives us great confidence in our choice to work with Zip2Tax!

- Steve | Santa Monica, CA | Database Interface subscriber since August 2010

Everyone is always so helpful. Your staff has always been fabulous! Thank you all so much!

- Michelle | Stillwater, OK | Online Lookup subscriber since March 2008

We are extremely satisfied with your product. We use it quite frequently when setting up our new customers who wish us to charge them sales tax. Even when they provide this information to us prior to set up, we go out on the website and double check.

Your product is so easy to use and quick. We were surfing the internet which took lots of time and did not always provide the detail we needed and get from your product.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is fumbling on the internet for answers. We also benefit from the emails with new tax information and issues arising in that arena.

We are completely happy and wish we would have been using years ago.

- Kimberlee | WIKA Instrument Corporation | Online Lookup subscriber since August 2010

We are a reseller, so our taxable sales are a small percentage of our business. Your subscription saves lots of time calculating the CORRECT amount of tax to charge, and breakdown by state, local, etc., plus the tax on shipping charges has been very useful to us. Zip2Tax is a GREAT DEAL FOR THE PRICE especially when you factor what you would pay in penalties under a state tax audit!

- Sandy | Rice Lake, WI | Online Lookup subscriber since January 2008

The biggest obstacle for our company, prior to buying the sales and use Tax Tables, was that we needed to replace another system that we were using. We had integrated address verification and sales tax calculation with our Intech ERP system.

After purchasing from Zip2Tax, we found you had a quality product and we liked that we could enter just the ZIP Code without city and state. We find benefit in the user-friendly screens, the rapid response time, and the accurate results. I recommend Zip2Tax for all of the features just mentioned plus less data entry for the users.

- Jeanne | Duralee Fabrics, Inc. | Tax Table subscriber since May 2011

We were worried about the cost and complication of buying sales tax data services, but Zip2Tax's Online Lookup took care of that for us. We use it standalone for invoicing and tax returns and we really like that it only takes 10 seconds to do a lookup.

- Graham | Evandtec Inc. | Toronto, Ontario | Online Lookup subscriber since July 2009

Customer Commitment

Zip2Tax, LLC has been in the business of providing accurate and timely sales tax data since 2007. Our customer base has grown quickly since then and we are pleased to have obtained the trust of many Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of small organizations. Click here to see a few of the companies that entrust us to provide their sales and use tax data.

Our staff of dedicated professionals are committed to providing superior service to all of our valued customers. Our research staff retrieves tax data directly from each state’s department of taxation throughout  the month. In certain cases, we check directly with individual municipalities to ensure the highest level of precision. We combine the accuracy of automation with the caution of manual confirmation to make sure our data is processed to the specifications your business requires.

Our researchers assign a tax rate based on the 5-digit ZIP code and city combination. This combination will often generate several rows of data for a single ZIP code, so our system designates the location containing the United States Postal Office as the primary rate for those customers wishing to eliminate the extra data.

At Zip2Tax, your confidentiality is our highest priority. We adhere to stringent security standards designed to protect non-public personal information against accidental or unauthorized access or disclosure. Our secure servers and databases are fully protected against attacks. Please read our full privacy policy.

Terms of service: At Zip2Tax, your security and confidentiality are our highest priority. We will never share your e-mail address or any other personally identifiable information (PII) with any other person or company. Please review our full privacy policy. License: Please refer to our end user license agreement. Cancellation and Refund Policy: Please refer to our refund policy prior to purchase.
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