Database Interface API

XML or JSON response This API provides for XML or JSON responses for all three resolution levels we offer to subscribers.

We offer several levels of subscription, so your business can get the accuracy it needs without paying for more than you'll use: ZIP Code,  ZIP+4,  and Spot-On™.

Database Interface subscriptions are available for a single state, or for the whole United States.

The ZIP Code API, ZIP+4 API, and Spot-On™ API pages have code samples for .XML or .JSON responses, allowing unlimited testing with addresses found within the ZIP code range from 90001 to 90999. If you would like to perform testing outside of that range, please call 866-492-8494 or e-mail us to request a free limited-time account.

Error Handling

The <errorInfo> element contains two elements for error handling: <errorCode> and <errorMessage>. Below is a list of possible results …

0 Success
1 Incorrect ZIP
2 Incorrect state as per ZIP code provided
3 Incorrect city as per ZIP code and state provided
4 City alias is provided by user
5 Blank IP received
6 Address not found
7 Expired account
8 Invalid credentials
9 Invalid ZIP+4
10 Address found, but tax jurisdiction boundaries could not be matched
55 Valid sample ZIP codes must fall in the range 90001 - 90999 (Spot-On™ resolution)
56 Valid sample ZIP codes must fall in the range 90001 - 90999 (ZIP+4 resolution)
99 Invalid ZIP code (ZIP Code resolution)
100 Invalid ZIP code
111 Insufficient input to specify a tax jurisdiction (Spot-On™ resolution)
112 Insufficient input to specify a tax jurisdiction (ZIP+4 resolution)
113 Insufficient input to specify a tax jurisdiction (ZIP Code resolution)

Sample ZIP Code Range

In the sample ZIP code range (90001 - 90999), the following ZIP codes contain multiple tax rates; which can be used to test the return of multiple rows:

  • 90304
  • 90601
  • 90631
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