What is your time spent on data formatting worth?

by Lucinda Rowlands May 02, 2012


What is your time spent on data formatting worth?

By Lucinda Rowlands, Zip2Tax

I saw the results of a recent poll on LinkedIn that said 41% of respondents spend more than 5 hours a week manually formatting data.


Think about that. You are paying someone (or yourself) more than 5 hours worth of salary every single week to gather data and manipulate it in spreadsheets. Do the calculation (manually, if you must). How much are you spending on this?

Don’t bother to ask if this employee enjoys spending their time hip deep in spreadsheets. You already know the answer. On top of that, what could this employee be doing with those hours that could bring money IN to your business if they weren’t burdened with this task?

Paying for a quality data service provider starts to make fiscal sense pretty quickly.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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