December 1, 2016 Sales Tax Rate Changes

by Teresa Farnsworth November 29, 2016

Tax Changes for December 2016

Tax Changes for December 2016

Only one sales and/or use tax rate change in Zip2Tax products since last month. 

In Alabama, tax rates changed for East Brewton.

There were 6 states with ZIP code changes…

……inIndiana, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Texas. 

That’s it for December!  Watch for a bigger list next month as we head into the new year.


Teresa Farnsworth
Teresa Farnsworth

Teresa Farnsworth is the VP / Account Manager at Zip2Tax. She works closely with her clients to make sure they have just what they need to collect the right amount of sales or use tax in the U.S. and Canada. Questions? Chat with Teresa on the Web site, the Subscriber User Portal, or call her direct line; 866-492-8494.

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