November 1, 2012 Sales Tax Rate Changes

by Angel November 01, 2012

Sales and use tax changes for November 2012

Sales and use tax changes for November 2012

Angel Sauer

Angel Sauer, sales tax research team leader

Sales and/or use tax rates in the states of Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York and Texas have changed in Zip2Tax products effective Nov. 1, 2012.

In Alabama, tax rates changed in Hale County.

In Idaho, tax rates changed for the city of Victor.

In Louisiana, tax rates changed for the cities of Arcadia, Gibsland, Castor and Mathews.

In Minnesota, tax rates changed for some Saint Paul ZIP codes.

In New York, the 0.375% MTA rate is moved to the special district category in full breakout versions.

In Texas, rates changed for Providence Village.

There were 7 states with ZIP code changes effective after October 2012 including Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Ohio, Virginia.

Download a complete list of the ZIP code changes.

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