August 1, 2020 Sales Tax Rate Changes

by Teresa Farnsworth July 27, 2020

There were many rate changes effective July 1, 2020 but none effective August 1, 2020.  It is highly  unusual that in over 14,000 jurisdiction in the U.S. something hasn’t changed.  But we do have some other August 2020 sales tax related information for you.

August 2020 sales tax holidays

Litigation Delays Alameda County CA Sales Tax Hike

The campaign for Measure C on the March 3 ballot in Alameda County California won a majority of votes and was slated to take affect on July 1, 2020.  But litigation, claiming the measure did not win a two-thirds approval, stopped the increase at the last minute.

Measure C would raise Alameda County’s sales tax by 0.5%, making it the highest countywide level in the state. The funds would be used for childcare, early education and a pediatric trauma center, which explains why UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital has underwritten most of the campaign costs.

Until the litigation is settled, the rate for Alameda County will remain as follows:


  • City of Alameda 9.75%
  • City of Albany 9.75%
  • City of Emeryville 9.50%
  • City of Hayward 9.75%
  • City of Newark 9.75%
  • City of San Leandro 9.75%
  • City of Union City 9.75%


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Teresa Farnsworth
Teresa Farnsworth

Teresa Farnsworth is the VP / Account Manager at Zip2Tax. She works closely with her clients to make sure they have just what they need to collect the right amount of sales or use tax in the U.S. and Canada. Questions? Chat with Teresa on the Web site, the Subscriber User Portal, or call her direct line; 866-492-8494.

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