Powerful new Database Interface API features ZIP+4

by Lucinda Rowlands May 28, 2013

ZIP+4 and Spot-On

Zip2Tax’s new API (Application Programming Interface) has passed initial beta testing and is now being made available to all Database Interface usersPowerful new Database Interface API features ZIP+4 and Spot-On to-the-doorstep capabilities

The API sends user’s queries to a series of powerful new load-balanced servers for optimum response time and superior reliability. The API provides for either XML or JSON responses at the original ZIP Code level as well as the brand new ZIP+4 and Spot-On levels for businesses needing higher levels of jurisdictional granularity in their sales tax lookups. The API also provides USPS address validation and offers automatic “next closest” matches when the provided address doesn’t match any exact USPS record.

I highly recommend upgrading to the new API to give you access to the new servers for the most reliable service possible, but If you don’t want to switch over, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. We will continue to support the older connection methods indefinitely.

Test out the new API by clicking here to see what a Spot-On XML result would include:


This code will allowing unlimited testing with street addresses found within the ZIP code range from 90001 to 90999. If you would like to perform testing outside of that range, please call 866-492-8494 or e-mail us to request a free limited-time account.

For subscription pricing for a single state or the entire U.S., check out our web site or download a printable price list.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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