May 1, 2018 Sales Tax Rate Changes

by Chuck April 30, 2018

May 2018 Tax Rate Changes

The following May 2018 Sales Tax Changes have been made to Zip2Tax products since April.

Arkansashas more than 300 local sales taxes in addition to the State sales tax rate of 6.5%. Cities and counties in Arkansas have the authority to enact a local sales and use tax if it is passed by an election of the voters in their jurisdictions.  New rates are in effect for the cities of:

  • Alexander
  • Conway
  • Des Arc
  • De Witt
  • Lonoke
  • and the counties of Saint Francis, Independence, and Baxter

In South Carolina a new local 1% Capital Projects tax has been imposed in Spartanburg County.  And in York County, the 1% Capital Projects Tax was reimposed effective May 2018.

Tennessee mandates the maximum local tax that can be levied is 2.75%. The levy of the tax by a county precludes, any city or town within the county from levying the tax.  However, a city or town has the right to levy the tax at a rate equal to the difference between the county rate and the  maximum.

  • Effective on the 1st; Williamson county rate increased from 2.25% to the maximum 2.75%

Wyomingsales taxes, known technically as “excise taxes”, saw changes in two counties. While Sweetwater County dropped a 1% special purpose tax from their collections; Niobrara County added a 1% special purpose tax.

For April’s changes click here.

Retailer Reminders

Attention Arizonaretailers. A reminder for Pinal County: Effective 4/1/2018 FOR PINAL COUNTY ONLY, any retail single item portion over $10,000 shall be taxed at 6.7% using business code 367.

Georgiasales tax filers are reminded reporting codes changed for Atlanta in Dekalb and Fulton counties.  If inside Atlanta city limits Dekalb county jurisdiction code is 044A and Fulton county is 060A.

USPS Postal ZIP Code Changes

There were 4 states with ZIP code changes effective after April, 2018 including California, Indiana, Puerto Rico, and Palau.

Zip2Tax Service Subscriptions

If you are subscribed to Online Lookup or the API services, these rates will be reflected as of May 1st.  If you are subscribed to our tax tables services, these rate tables are available for download from your Web login.

Until next month…happy sales!

Yes, we have Canadian tax tables!



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