March 1, 2021 Sales Tax Rate Changes

by Teresa Farnsworth February 23, 2021

Only the State of Alabama has changes in March.

AL 3/1/2021 35618 Sales & Use Courtland Lawrence 3.00% 10.00%
AL 3/1/2021 35121 Sales & Use Highland Lake Blount 3.00% 10.00%

Frequently Asked Questions About our Tables

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How are tax tables delivered? The tables can be manually downloaded from our Web site server; or the downloading can be automated.  We will notify up to three e-mail addresses when the latest tables are ready for download.


How do I know what changed from the prior month? We provide a Summary of Rate Changes each month on our Blog.


What order are the tables in? The tables list the data by the 5-digit ZIP code.


Do you have ZIP+4 Tables?No, but a single 5-digit ZIP code that covers more than one jurisdiction will be repeated in a new row for each change.


Do you provide reporting codes? We provide tax jurisdiction names and reporting codes in the full breakout format.


What other formats do you provide? We also have tables formatted to provide less information than the Full Breakout style, such as the Basic (a single tax sum combining all municipal levels, and the Unique ZIPs (one row per ZIP code based on the “Primary Record.)”
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Do you have tables formats for specific ERPs? We also have tables designed to work with specific shopping carts and eCommerce systems that organize the data differently than the Breakout version.
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Do you provide special industry rates? The rates we provide are the general retail sales  tax rates.  We also have tables for general retail Use Tax rates.


Where does your data come from? We pull our data together from many sources including the individual states’ departments of revenue for rates and databases of ZIP codes and boundary maps, to name a few.


What is an annual subscription? An annual subscription provides 12-monthly tables issued approximately 5 days prior to the first of each month.  You can purchase an annual subscription of the entire U.S. or individual states.  Canada is also available.


Do you have something less often than monthly? You can purchase one-time downloads of the U.S. tables or individual states at any time.


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Teresa Farnsworth
Teresa Farnsworth

Teresa Farnsworth is the VP / Account Manager at Zip2Tax. She works closely with her clients to make sure they have just what they need to collect the right amount of sales or use tax in the U.S. and Canada. Questions? Chat with Teresa on the Web site, the Subscriber User Portal, or call her direct line; 866-492-8494.

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