Florida governor proposes to expand back to school sales tax holiday

by Chuck January 30, 2014

back to school sales tax

back to school sales tax

Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, released a proposal this month to significantly expand Florida’s back to school sales tax holiday. During this holiday, Florida shoppers are able to avoid the state’s 6% sales tax on certain purchases.

Scott wants to both make the holiday longer and expand the holiday so it covers more expensive purchases. Last year, the holiday lasted three days. Scott would like the holiday to cover 10 days and set it up so that it covers two weekends of shopping.

Scott also would like to increase the sales exemption for clothes. Last year, shoppers didn’t have to pay taxes when they spent $75 or less on clothes. This new proposal would increase the exemption to $100. This new holiday would also waive sales taxes on computers worth $750 or less.

State legislators will consider this new proposal for the sales tax holiday in March. Florida typically holds it holiday near the end of summer around August.

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