“Close” can cost you the game, make sure you figure exact sales tax rates every time!

by Chuck May 01, 2014


It was 1991 and eight seconds were left on the clock of Super Bowl XXV. The Buffalo Bills were trailing by a single point and they were 47 yards from the New York Giant’s goal post.

Although his record was not good at that distance and on that surface, kicker Scott Norwood took his position and made the field goal attempt. His kick had the distance but it veered wide right by about a foot. The Giants took possession of the ball and ran out the clock.

The Bills went on to lose three more consecutive Super Bowls, and today Scott “Shank” Norwood is selling real estate from his beat up Chevy.

My point is, if you take big gambles, you can suffer big losses. Don’t take chances if you don’t have to. Scott Norwood didn’t have somebody he could look to and say “Hey, double check my calculations, will you?,” but you do! Let Zip2Tax make sure you are figuring exact sales tax rates every time!

With Zip2Tax you can easily plug in a full street address to determine the exact sales or use tax rate right to the door step. Input a dollar amount and calculate the sales or use tax due on the transaction. Lightning fast, worry free accuracy.

No need to be a Norwood.

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